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Wood Natural Creations

Lemon Earring, | Handmade Jewelry

Lemon Earring, | Handmade Jewelry

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♥ All of our products are handmade.
♥ We use high quality 925K Sterling Silver in all of our products.
♥ If you order 1 piece, it will be sent as a pair.♥

♥This Earrings will accompany your sparkle and will be a very special gift on special occasions such a mother’s day, birthday, graduations, wedding organizations,Halloween Christmas.♥

Please follow these tips to keep it longer:
- Store in dry place. Please take it of before taking a bath.
- Keep perfume. sunscreen and other similar chemicals away from your jewelry.
- Keep it in its own box when not wearing it.

Please let us know all your questions and you will receive a response within 24 hours!

Thank you for supporting small women’s businesses♥
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