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Fortunate Lemon was inspired by a free-spirit way of living. A lifestyle that centers around self expression, creativity, and finding authentic ways to live a more fulfilling life. 

Our shop focuses on individuality.  Living life on your own terms and being happy expressing who you are. In other words we believe in living happy and free. We hope, our personal brand reflects that philosophy, and so do the products from the artisans that we collaborate with. We're huge supporters of small businesses and entrepreneurship. With that in mind we try to fill our shop with the best curated products from artisans all over the world. We're excited to offer new products to our customers on a regular basis. 

We're also all about family. And not just our own crazy, loud Italian family! We know on a deep level that we're all connected. We truly are in this together. Finding some compassion for others and the planet at large is essential right now, and also for ourselves while we navigate through these changing times. From the art, to the products and accessories, our message remains the same. It's a place where individuality is honored, happiness is cherished and peace is the ultimate goal.

We are continually working on evolving and improving our site. Our desire is to bring you products that are not only beautiful and outstanding in quality and design, but also are ethically sourced and support artisans all over the world.


Let's make this planet a little kinder.

Nina Ruffolo

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