About us

Fortunate lemon is a lifestyle brand created for free thinkers and spiritual seekers everywhere. Why, you ask? Because life is too short for you to conform!

We wanted to capture the essence of the free spirit, both in fashion and lifestyle. We source products from around the world and also have our own personal brand with that philosophy in mind.

A little about us -

Fortunate Lemon was created by Nina Ruffolo and hubby Mario, two Italian homies from the hood. Rumor has it, they were seen frolicking on the beaches of Italy when she was 5 and he was 2. They met up later in Wisconsin, and the rest is, as they say, history. Now years later, after 2 grown daughters and 3 grand babies it was time for them to chart a new path for themselves. Having done the conforming and all that jazz, they felt it was time to live a more authentic free spirit lifestyle. 

Life does give you lemons from time to time but it's what you do with them that matters.

As for Nina and Mario, they kindly say thank you, and quickly look for the salt and tequila!



Nina Ruffolo - Artist/Designer & Creative Director

Mario Ruffolo - Spiritual Artist & Consiglieri

Babies extraordinaire - Cadence Carlisle Ruffolo, Mia & Nora Cooper